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I do not normally do my speaking through the editorial pages of the Paper. I do however feel that there are events that are of such desperate need which urge me on, to do so.</p>
It seems everyday I pick up the paper and read once again of Christians being mocked, criticized, sued, bashed, jailed or even murdered for nothing more than standing up for what they believe to be the truth of their faith. I will focus however, my attention on those who are the victims of the most vial of persecution's. Those committed in the name of tolerance, disbelief, or in the name of other faiths who believe they have the right to do so if the victims do not accept their idea of God, or faith. Most of these are far removed from our lazy comfortable world that we live in. So far removed that we hardly hear a ripple about the atrocities committed against them. What would be the response if large groups of people were shot, drowned or beheaded in the State of Arkansas or any other part of the U.S? I dare say there would be such a cry of protest, in the streets, demands would be made, riots and outrage would be the order of the day and would certainly be heard around the world. Justice would be demanded or else.
For weeks the news media was in a frenzy, as was appropriate, over the murder of the journalist in France. However due to fact that these Christians are being murdered in a place far removed from us, the media hardly mentions it. Where is the outrage, where is the coverage that should accompany such atrocities? Why does the world idly set by and watch? Does there ethnic background, or geographic location dictate indifference? Or is it the fact that they are just for the most part poor Christians?
What the enemies of Christianity will never understand is that the church literally thrives during persecution. For every saint who is killed others will be won to the Lord because of this persecution. Every time a saint is persecuted, the faith grows. They tried before to kill out a handful of believers in the years after Pentecost, and now Christianity numbers are uncountable.
Statistics claim that there are over a 2 Billion Christians in the world today. How many of those are protestant churches who believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to Heaven, I do not claim to know. It would have to be in the Millions, maybe hundreds of millions. The Bible says <em>Mat 18:18 Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Mat 18:19 Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. Mat 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. </em>If two can accomplish much, then imagine what will take place if millions pray the same thing asking it in unity.
So the real shame of all of this lies with us Christians here in the United States who idly set back and do nothing. May the 24th is the day of Pentecost a Jewish feast day. Christian Bible students know that this is the day when the comforter {Holy Spirit} came as promised by Jesus. He came that we might have the power of God dwelling in us. What are we doing with this power in today's society? On May 24th I am asking all churches, and pastors to set aside a time to pray for the Christian persecution that is so rampant in this world today. I am not naive and I am sure most will ignore this plea, but if we can get the word out on a national or even regional basis much can be accomplished on this date and hereafter.
I urge those who consistently use social media to pass the word, get involved, show that you care by spreading the word from our little town to the whole of the world, but even if we only reach our region. We must do something, and prayer is a privilege and a powerful tool for us to use. If you like contact your congressman, demand that they urge the U.S. to get involved and do something. That they urge the U. N. to do something. Some say this is only fulfilling bible prophecy, and this may be true but we should not just accept it as God's will and do nothing. We will pray for and ask that the President to act and do something in behalf of this persecution. We will pray that the Senate, and the Congress will act accordingly, We will pray the U.N. Somehow get involved. We will pray a hedge of protection round about all Christians in harms way. Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen them as they live with this terror everyday. Pray for the release of all captives, who are held for alleged offenses of the Christian faith. Most importantly pray that God will intervene in behalf of all these Christians. We complain, &ldquo;why does God not intervene?&rdquo; He would ask, ;why do we not pray? God will not without us, and we cannot without him. The greatest tragedy is not when good men do nothing, but when Christians do not avail themselves of the privilege of prayer to do good.</p>
So as we drive our SUV's to our air conditioned sanctuaries and set on our cushioned seats, maybe we can take a few minutes of our precious hour that we give to God every week and spend it in earnest prayer. We need to seek heaven in behalf of God's martyrs. Rev 6:11 says the martyrs are robed in white, so I am suggesting we wear white ribbons folded in the shape of a fish, to honor the martyred saints. If not then wear white or put a ribbon on and draw the Christian fish on it. This white, is to call attention to prayer for persecuted Christians throughout the world. We need to understand that this date is set aside for prayer. We do not need to wait to pray, or stop there, but to continue to pray everyday for all those of the faith.
For further information call the church at 903-831-9944 and leave a message .
Pastor Michael Mauldin Cross Way Church of Texarkana.</p>
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